UMED District Plan Update  

March 2016 

The UMED planning area is bound by East Northern Lights Boulevard, Baxter Road, Tudor Road, and Lake Otis Parkway.  The plan is intended to guide growth and development in the UMED area, while ensuring that all organizations are allowed the opportunity to fulfill their individual missions and provide guidance on infill, redevelopment, and identifying neighborhood needs.  The plan provides a framework for continued development of educational, health, housing, commercial, and public infrastructure and programs integral for the health and education elements of the Anchorage economy.   

Full Document  

            > 5.1 Case Study: Transportation Demand Management 

            > 5.2 Case Study: Mixed Use Development 

             >5.3 Case Study: Natural Resources 

             >5.4 Case Study: Town Gown Relationships 

             >5.5 Example: Night Lighting 

             >5.6 Example: Fresh Food Access 

             >5.7 Cogeneration 2013 Executive Summary 

             >5.8 Supporting Documents Summary