​​Watershed & Natural Resources Advisory Commission  

The Watershed & Natural Resources Advisory Commission (WNRC) is a nine-member commission appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Assembly. This Commission, staffed by the Planning Department, meets at noon in City Hall in Room 525 on the fourth Wednesday of each month.

The Commission serves as a technical liaison between municipal departments, the community, and state and federal agencies having water quality, watershed and natural resources management responsibilities, programs to restore and improve fish and wildlife habitat, and other activities to increase community stewardship of aquatic and other natural resources within the Municipality of Anchorage.

The goals of the Commission are to sustain the economic and community benefits of healthy creeks, watersheds, and natural resource lands within the Municipality by providing technical advice and guidance to help facilitate coordinated and collaborative local, state, federal, and private-sector watershed and natural resources stewardship, restoration, and protection actions.​

Commission Members 

  • Emily Creely​
  • Tamás Deák
  • Luke Graham
  • Holly Kent
  • David Nyman
​(4​​ vacancies)​ ​

Contact Information:

  • Daniel Mckenna-Foster, Senior Planner
     Long-Range Planning Division
     Planning Department

    Phone:  (907) 343-7918 or (907) ​343-7921
    E-mail:  daniel.mckenna-foster@anchorageak.gov