The Municipal Assembly provides local government review and recommendations on AMATS plans and program to the Technical Advisory Committee and subsequently to the Policy Committee.


  • Adopt by ordinance the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) as the transportation plan element of the comprehensive plan
  • Adopt by ordinance the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
  • Adopt an Official Streets and Highways Plan (OSHP)
  • Adopt the local area component of the State Implementation Plan for air quality
  • Assist in securing adequate funding to implement the transportation program
  • Designate two assembly members to serve on the Policy Committee ​

Public Resources:
Assembly Member Profiles

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Voting Policy Committee Members:

Forrest Dunbar​
Dist. 5 East Anchorage
Municipal Assembly forrest.dunbar@anchorageak.gov​
P: 907.343.4311

Meg Zaletel
Dist. 4 Midtown Anchorage
Municipal Assembly
P: 907.306.5052​

Non-Voting Policy Committee Member:

Christopher Constant
Dist. 1 Downtown Anchorage
Municipal Assembly
P: 907. 947.9438​