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​AMATS committee meetings are open to the public & the public is provided an opportunity to comment at each meeting. Business items are presented by staff or consultant. After the committee discusses the business item, the public is invited to formally comment.

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) prepares and maintains all AMATS plans, technical studies and programs for the area; and provides recommendatio​ns to the Policy Committee. The TAC committee consists of 11 voting members from municipal and state agencies.


  • Prepare and maintain transportation plans, technical studies, and programs
  • Provide recommendations to the Policy Committee about the effects of transportation and air quality plans and programs on the plans of other agencies
  • Receive public comments through all AMATS Advisory Committees


Brad Coy, Chair​
MOA Traffic Engineer,​ Director
​P:  907.343.8421
Todd VanHove, Vice Chair
​ADOT&PF Central Region Chief of Planning
​Kent Kohlhase
​MOA Deputy Director, PM&E Division, Public Works Dept.
​P: 907.343.8143
Shaina Kilcoyne
​MOA Energy and Sustainability Manager
Solid Waste Services
​P: 907.343.6270
​Matthew Stichick
MOA Department of Health
​P: 907.306.6520
​Stephen Ribuffo
​Port of Alaska, Director
​P: 907.343.6201
Michelle McNulty​
​MOA Planning Director
​P: 907.343.7901

​Brian Lindamood

​Alaska Railroad Corporation, Vice President, Chief
P: 907.265.3095
Luke Bowland
​ADOT&PF Central Region
​P: 907.269.0588​​
Cindy Heil
​Air Non-Point & Mobile Sources Program Mgr
​P: 907.269.7577
Jamie Acton
​MOA Transit Director
​Yemi Alimi​ - Alternate
​Environmental Program Specialist ADEC
​P: 907.269.6953​​​​