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AMATS committee meetings are open to the public & the public is provided an opportunity to comment at each meeting. Business items are presented by staff or consultant. After the committee discusses the business item, the public is invited to formally comment.​​

The Policy Committee is the primary decision-making body, comprised of five voting members. In general, the Policy Committee:  1) provides overall direction to the AMATS Technical Advisory Committee and to staff; 2) ensures adequate public involvement throughout the AMATS process; and 3) directs the preparation of transportation plans, programs and studies. 


  • Establish the need and priorities of transportation within the AMATS area
  • Direct the preparation and implementation of transportation plans, programs, and studies
  • Provide overall direction to the Technical Advisory Committee and Staff
  • Ensure public involvement throughout the AMATS planning and decision-making process


Wolfgang Junge - Chair
​Central Region Director​
​P: 907.269.0770​
​David Bronson - Vice Chair
​Municipality of Anchorage Mayor
​P: 907.343.7100
Emma Pokon
​Deputy DEC Commissioner
​P: 907.754.3589
Meg Zalatel
​Dist. 4 Midtown Anchorage Municipal Assembly
​P: 907.306.5052
​John Weddleton
​Dist. 6 South Anchorage Municipal Assembly
​P: 907.770.0685
Christopher Constant​ - Alternate​
​Dist. 1 South Anchorage Municipal Assembly
​p: 907.343.4112