Mayor issues Emergency Order EO-14 v2


Mayor's Office


ANCHORAGE, ALASKA — Today, Mayor Ethan Berkowitz signed Emergency Order EO-14 v2 to protect health and save lives in the Municipality of Anchorage. EO-14 v2 returns our community to a modified version of Phase Two in the Safe Anchorage: Roadmap to Reopening the Municipality of Anchorage plan. EO-14 v2 sets limitations for individuals, gathering sizes, the hospitality industry, indoor gyms, bingo halls, theaters and other recreation and entertainment facilities. These regulations supersede EO-10, in part, and take effect Monday, August 31, 2020 at 12:00 a.m., once EO-15 expires. The portions of EO-10 (“Maintenance") and its attachments that do not conflict with this order remain in effect.

To further reduce the level of COVID-19 transmission in our community and to prevent its resurgence, continued restrictions are necessary. Anchorage residents are reminded that close contact is the primary method of COVID-19 transmission; being indoors with close, sustained contact with people from other households is the greatest threat for residents to catch and spread COVID-19.

The only modifications to the first EO-14 are sections 4, 5, and 6. EO-14 v2 enacts or maintains the following:

  1. Individuals shall limit outings and contact with people outside of their household and wear a cloth face covering or mask in public.
  2. At-risk individuals are recommended to take even greater precaution by staying at home and minimizing all in-person interactions.
  3. Requirements for individuals likely to be contagious with COVID-19 include: people with symptoms shall stay home except for medical care and testing; people who traveled outside Alaska must self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival or follow exceptions as detailed in EO-11; household members of those who are possibly contagious should isolate to the maximum extent possible; individuals contacted by health authorities should quarantine as directed by public health professionals; and, individuals who test positive for COVID-19 shall remain in isolation until cleared by a public health professional.
  4. Gathering Limitations. Indoor gatherings are limited to 30 people or fewer. Outdoor gatherings involving consumption of food or drink are limited to 50 people or fewer. Outdoor gatherings that do not involve food or drink are limited to 100 people or fewer. This does not limit shopping at farmer's markets, outdoor food-truck events, or the continuation of drive-in events where groups remain in separate vehicles and maintain physical distancing. This limitation does not apply to day cares, day camps, or educational institutions for grades K-12. The limitation also does not apply to gathering for the purpose of worship or political expression. Places of worship and locations for political expression are instead limited to 50% of indoor capacity, with proper physical distancing and mask wearing.
  5. Hospitality Industry (Including Bars, Breweries, Restaurants, and Nightclubs) Limitations. All restaurants, bars, breweries, and nightclubs and similar entities may provide sit-down service while operating at no greater than 50% of maximum building occupancy, subject to the criteria required in Attachment A. Outdoor service should be prioritized. This industry is also encouraged to offer otherwise lawful takeout, curbside, and delivery service.
  6. Indoor Gyms, Bingo Halls, Theaters, and Other Recreation and Entertainment Facilities. All other indoor entertainment and recreation facilities, including gyms, bingo halls, and theaters, shall be limited to 50% of building occupancy.
  7. Legible Visitor Logs Required: All establishments serving the public in a sit-down setting, or for an in-person appointment or service lasting fifteen minutes or longer, must keep a legible record of the first and last name, phone number, and email address of all adult customers or clients for no less than 30 days. This information will only be collected if needed for contact tracing or enforcement of this order.
  8. Communication of Known COVID-19 Exposure to Employees Required: All businesses and other entities must communicate with employees as well as state and local health departments regarding any known COVID-19 exposure. All businesses and other entities must assist the state and local health departments with informing customers or clients of a known COVID-19 exposure at the workplace.
  9. Additional Requirements for Hotels and Other Lodging: Management at hotels and other places of lodging must keep employees informed if they are housing individuals in quarantine or isolation due to travel, exposure to COVID-19, or COVID-19 diagnosis. Names of individuals with COVID-19 shall be kept confidential. Management must also supply adequate personal protective equipment, sanitation, and cleaning supplies to employees.
  10. Remote work is strongly encouraged when work can be accomplished remotely without significantly impeding business operations.
  11. Retail and other public-facing businesses are encouraged to prioritize telephone and online ordering; increase offering of curbside and delivery services; and implement reserved hours for at-risk populations

During the EO-15 “Four-Week Reset", new COVID-19 cases in Anchorage fell by about 40 percent, from over 21 new cases per 100,000 residents per day to approximately 12.8 new cases per 100,000 residents per day. With more than 10 cases per day per 100,000, Anchorage is still in the “Red" High Alert Level for the State of Alaska.

EO-14 v2 is posted to the Emergency Orders page of the Municipality's COVID-19 website.

Businesses that have questions about EO-14 v2 or about the Municipality's COVID-19 response may email

Anchorage residents seeking more information about EO-14 v2 or about the Municipality's COVID-19 response may email or leave a voicemail at 343-4019.


Media contact: Carolyn Hall, Communications Director, Office of the Mayor, (907)310-0753