Mayor Bronson Applauds Passage of Mass Care Exit Strategy


Mayor's Office


Anchorage, AK ­– This week, the Bronson Administration and the Anchorage Assembly reached an agreement on a plan to move forward with a mass care exit strategy. Addressing homelessness in Anchorage has been the Mayor's top priority since taking office.

“After months of negotiations with the Assembly, I am pleased our plan is moving forward to help Anchorage's most vulnerable citizens," said Mayor Bronson. “As I've said from the beginning, we must confront this problem head on and work to find comprehensive solutions that include housing, services, and treatment options to those experiencing homelessness. The actions taken this week are a positive step forward to providing permanent and appropriate shelter and returning the Sullivan Arena to its intended purpose: hosting sporting events and social gatherings for our community. This was a bipartisan effort, and I am proud of the work that went into this plan."

The plan agreed upon by the Bronson Administration and the Assembly resulted in the following:

  • Provides $6 million in funding to execute a city-wide mass care exit strategy
  • Purchase two properties that will serve as medical support and supportive housing centers
  • Direct $2.8 million to design and manufacture a navigation center to handle 200 individuals, with a surge capacity to handle an additional 130 individuals
  • Partner with local businesses and institutions for further investments to solve homelessness in Anchorage

Anchorage Health Director Joe Gerace added, “I am proud of the dedicated work done by the working group and thank them for finding common ground that allows us to move forward."

More information on the Mayor's mass care exit strategy and comprehensive homelessness plan can be found here and here. ​

Media Contact: Robert B. McNeily, Public Information Officer, Mayor's Office, , 907-885-1594