Firewise Landscaping


This Emmy nominated and Telly award-winning interactive DVD “Firewise Landscaping” is the continuation of the Northland Wildfires series. Various homeowners are interviewed, sharing their creative and practical ideas for their landscaping around their home and property, and at the same time being firewise.  This interactive DVD covers such areas as design ideas, firewise zones, ground cover vegetation and hardscape, perennials, rock gardens, ponds, deciduous shrubs and trees, plus easy maintenance tips.


In addition, the 2-disc DVD set from the series Northland Wildfires “Lessons Learned” and “Staying Prepared” educates the public on wildfire preparedness.

The interactive features in “Staying Prepared” explain the measures that are being taken by the Fire Department to address the wildfire threat, such as fuels reduction, public education, and wildfire training.


The DVD “Lessons Learned”   provides an overall educational documentary of the wildfire danger in South Central Alaska, based on the Miller’s Reach-Big Lake wildfire in 1996.


This entire award winning three-part Firewise Series is available through the Anchorage Municipal Libraries or you can contact the Anchorage Fire Department for further information on how to obtain a free copy for your community council or homeowners’ association.