My Firewise Home

Firewise Tips

Refer to these documents to help you prepare for a wildfire.





  • Firewise Alaska Guide Part 1 (.pdf) 
    Firewise Alaska Guide Part 2 (.pdf)
    This comprehensive guide will help with multiple aspects of living with wildland fire in the Last Frontier from building materials to vegetation management.
  • Firewise Vegetation Guide (.pdf)
    Highlighting vegetation native to Alaska, this guide will help homeowners landscape with firewise principles in mind. Structure ignition information based on scientific research describes how homes ignite and how to increase chances of structure survival during a wildland fire.
  • Firewise Self Assessment (.pdf)
    Firewise Self Assessment - Girdwood (.pdf)
    This one page guide is used during Anchorage Fire Department Firewise Home Assessments for your home ignition zone: the 100 - 200 feet including and surrounding your home.
  • Municipal Channel 10
    Tune into the Municipality of Anchorage's Cable Channel 10 for educational programming ranging from firewise landscaping to local current events.
  • Build Your Own Water Tank
    When combined with firewise landscaping and building materials, this water storage tank can be constructed at a reasonable cost and could help save your home during a wildfire event.
  • Firewise Landscaping
    View photos of a home ignition zone where the resident has treated vegetation, removed woodpiles, and designed the structure to be firewise.
  • Roofing Information
    Preventing Wildfire Home Ignition: Why the Answer is Often ‘Over Your Head’.