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​​Does your business or office have an automated external defibrillator (AED)? The PulsePoint AED app allows users to register publicly available AEDs, which can be located on a map in the app for quick access during a cardiac emergency.

You don't have the app? Don't worry. You can add your AED to the registry at https://aedregistry.pulsepoint.org/ ​​​


PulsePoint Respond is a 911-connected mobile app that alerts willing citizens to someone nearby having a sudden cardiac arrest.​​

How does PulsePoint Respond work in Anchorage? When AFD's 9-1-1 Center (Dispatch) processes a sudden cardiac arrest call, a near simultaneous alert is pushed to the PulsePoint Respond application (app). Subscribers to the free app who indicate they are willing to assist and who are in vicinity of the event receive an alert which will guide the responder to the public location of the victim. The alert will also highlight nearby automated external defibrillators (AEDs) which others can be sent to retrieve. Rapid application of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) significantly increases the chance of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest event. Including an AED in the response provides an additional increase to the chance of survival.  A PulsePoint Responder helps bridge the gap between the cardiac arrest event and AFD units arriving on scene. Every second counts in response to cardiac arrest. You CAN save a life. Please consider downloading the PulsePoint Respond app today.

Subscribers to the free app can select to receive specific notifications of public concern, such as wildfires, structure fires, or motor vehicle accidents which may impede your travel. AFD can also push emergency messages to all users to help keep the community informed during significant events (for example, shelter locations following a wildfire evacuation). 

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PulsePoint aims to initiate CPR earlier and more often as well as increase the use of automated external defibrillators (AED), prior to emergency responders arriving on scene.

PulsePoint is integrated directly into the public safety communications center. When a call taker determines CPR may be needed, an alert is simultaneously sent to nearby app subscribers with the dispatch of emergency responders.

PulsePoint Respond informs the community of emergency activity in real time. Alerting residents to traffic collisions, wildland fires and other emergencies makes PulsePoint a valued and trusted local resource. The routine usefulness of the app helps build and sustain a reliable network of engaged citizens and CPR-trained individuals.

PulsePoint Respond alerts community responders only if the cardiac emergency occurs in a public location.