100 E. 4th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501
Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm
(907) 267-4900 
Fax: 267-4977

Fire Chief: Jodie Hettrick
Deputy Chief, Operations: Mark Monfore
Executive Assistant: Benedicte Galligan
Administrative Assistant: Alissa Hack

Finance/ Accounts Payable

Headquarters Building
100 E. 4th Avenue

Budget Officer, Dave Swarner 

Contract Administrator, Steven Brister  267-5070

Purchasing & Accounts Payable, ​Wendy Reese  267-4940

Fire Reports/Billings, Terry Baruela  267-4944

EMS Reports/Billing, Martha Parker  267-5076

Medical Billing, ​Wittman Enterprises 1-866-439-6552​


Headquarters Building
100 E. 4th Avenue

Time Administrator, Mary Lewis-Parente 267-4937

Public Affairs

Public Information Officer/PIO:  227-9473  email: AFDPIO@muni.org

Public Event Request Line, 267-4966

Wildfire Mitigation


Recreational Burn Hotline,​​ ​267-5020

Firewise Assistant, Mary Fisher

Fire/EMS Operations

Medical Director, Dr. Mike Levy, 632-0309

Headquarters Building
100 E. 4th. Avenue  
Operations Deputy Chief, Mark Monfore 267-5078

EMS Programs, Assistant Chief, ​Mike Crotty, 267-4912

AFD Privacy Officer, 907-267-4954 Email: AFDPrivacyOfficer@muni.org

​Training​ Division

AFD Training Center
1140 Airport Heights
Phone: 267-5002 
Fax: 279-2106

​Training Assistant Chief, Alex Boyd  267-4943

Training Office Associate, Jennifer Smith 267-5002

​Fire Training Specialist, Thomas Meyer 267-5024

Fire Training Specialist, Gordon Descutner 267-5017

Fire Training Specialist, Brent Davenport  267-5062

Health and Safety Office

​​Station 12

​​​Health & Safety Officer, Assistant Chief, Erich Scheunemann 267-5090

Safety Officers, 267-5066​​

Community Risk Reduction Coordinator, Mia Carson 267-5080

CORE Team​, 267-5043​  Email: AFDCoreTeam@anchorageak.gov​​


Station 12
1301 East 80th Ave

Dispatcher Supervisor, Battalion Chief Bill Kays: 267-4993

Non-Emergency Dispatch / Fire Drills: 267-4950
All emergencies call 911

Data Systems

Station 12 ​
1301 East 80th Ave

Data Systems Manager, Heather Wilson, 267-5089 

Fire Prevention

4700 Elmore Rd.
Phone: 267-4901

Fire Marshal, Assistant Chief Brian Dean, 267-​4911

Community Right to Know Program Administrator​, Jean Boyda: 267-4901

Fire Plan Review, Mark Panilo: 267-4975

Fire Protection Systems, Bart Meinhardt: 267-4992

​​Investigator, Jennifer Tulare: 267-4962​

Vehicle Maintenance Shop

1000 Airport Heights
Phone: 267-5000

Lead Mechanic,Oral Scott

Video Center

Loussac Library
3600 Denali Street, 4th floor

Video Producer and Director, John Crabb 343-2967

Miscellaneous Numbers

Police/Fire Chaplain, 272-3100

Police and Fire Retirement,​ 343-8400

Fire Fighters Local 1264, 349-1264

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