Anchorage Climate Action Plan

The Anchorage Climate Action Plan was adopted by the Anchorage Assembly on May 21, 2019. Download the Anchorage Climate Action Plan here.​

The Municipality of Anchorage Climate Action Strategy is derived from the Anchorage Climate Action Plan and outlines Municipal-led, high priority, and high impact actions that the Municipality will take in the near term. Download the Municipality of Anchorage Climate Action Strategy here.​

\Update: Check out the first Anchorage Climate Action Plan Annual Report (10).pdf, released 1.27.21

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What is a Climate Action Plan?

A strategic framework for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to the impacts of climate change. Cities utilize climate action plans as roadmaps for achieving emissions reductions and improving community resilience.

The Anchorage Climate Action Plan takes into account community-wide greenhouse gas emissions, projected climate impacts, and the priorities and concerns of Anchorage residents. The plan prioritizes actions that result in substantial economic, environmental, and community benefits.

Development of the Anchorage Climate Action Plan was funded by the University of Alaska and the UAA Center for Community Engagement & Learning.

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Climate Action Plan Updates:

​​​​​​​​​​​​In collaboration with the University of Alaska, the Municipality of Anchorage has created a Climate Action Plan that focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for the impacts of climate change.​​​​​​

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Steering Committee

Micah Hahn, UAA

Shaina Kilcoyne, Municipality of Anchorage

Catherine Kemp, Municipality of Anchorage

Libby Roderick, UAA

Shannon Donovan, UAA

Brian Brettschneider, UAF

Alex Long, Municipality of Anchorage

Chelsea Ward-Waller, UAA

Working Group Leads

Buildings and Energy

Erin Whitney, UAF

Land Use and Transportation

Shannon Donovan, UAA

Health and Emergency Preparedness

Micah Hahn, UAA; Stephanie Bauer, UAA

Urban Forest and Watersheds

Jennifer Schmidt, UAA

Consumption and Solid Waste

Aaron Dotson, UAA

Food Systems

Raymond Anthony, UAA; Rachael Miller, APU

Outreach and Education

Brian Brettschneider, UAF