TXT2Cure Available to Voters in 2024 Regular Election


​Voters in the Municipality will have the option to fix ballot signature discrepancies with their smartphones for this year’s Regular Municipal Election using TXT2Cure, a pro-voter initiative to help ensure that every valid vote counts.
“In our continuous mission to make Anchorage the best jurisdiction in the United States to vote-at-home, we are proud to pilot TXT2Cure this election season,” said Municipal Clerk Jamie Heinz. “TXT2Cure leverages advancements in technology to bring the cure process to voters’ fingertips. It’s never been faster and more efficient to make sure your vote counts.”   
Per AMC 28.70.030D, if a ballot return envelo​pe is missing a signature or if the signature cannot be verified, election officials will send a cure letter to the voter explaining the lack of a valid signature within three business days. The cure letter is sent to the address to which the ballot was mailed and gives the voters options to cure the signature discrepancy.
Now, with TXT2Cure, the voter can cure their discrepancy by texting “Anchorage” to 28683 and click on the link they receive as a reply. They will then enter their voter ID number,  affirm they returned a ballot for the election, sign the affidavit on their phone, take a photo of an acceptable form of ID, and select “Submit”. The voter’s information is then electronically transmitted to the MOA Election Center to be processed during business hours. If the voter completes those steps before the deadline of 10:30 a.m. on April 16, 2024, their ballot will be counted. 
Voters can call the Voter Hotline at 907-243-VOTE (8683) for help accessing their Voter ID number. For more information about the April 2, 2024 Regular Municipal Election, visit muni.org/elections, or email elections@anchorageak.gov.



Jamie Heinz | Municipal Clerk

William Northrop | Acting Election Administrator
907-243-VOTE (8683)​