Sanctioned Camp Community Task Force Announces Recommendations


Update: ​On Tues. May 23, Assembly Member Felix Rivera issued clarification​ on the recommended location in District 3, West Anchorage. 


Today, the Sanctioned Camp Community Task Force approved the recommendations below to send to the Assembly and administration for consideration.

“Right now, we have chaos on our streets," said Silvia Villamides, co-convener of the task force. “The recommendations we are bringing forward to the Assembly and Mayor are all about bringing back some sense of order, safety, and sanitation to our green spaces."

These recommendations to address immediate needs in the community will be brought before the Assembly at the regular Assembly meeting on Tuesday, May 23, for consideration via Assembly Resolution.

“We have to bring humanity back to Anchorage and do right by the people who have so few options in our community," said Caroline Storm, co-convener of the task force. “That means coming up with imperfect solutions for a very difficult situation. These aren't easy decisions, but we can't do nothing."

Below are some details on the specific locations being recommended. Full details and additional recommendations can be found in the Assembly Resolution.


District 5, East Anchorage, Centennial Park Campground
Total capacity50 to 75 individuals
Start dateMay 31, 2023
Closure dateSeptember 4, 2023
StructureTents limited only to established campsites
PopulationSingle adults
ModelLow barrier with structured supports; transition to an intentional camp
 District 6, South Anchorage, 1805 Academy Drive
Total capacity20 to 40 individuals
Start dateMay 31
Closure dateYear-round operation until such time as the building can no longer be occupied
StructureASD relocata​ble buildings and rooms in the building
PopulationCurrent population staying at the Sullivan Arena
ModelLow barrier with structured supports


District 3, West Anchorage, Clitheroe Center
Total capacity
30 to 40 individuals
Start dateMay 31, 2023
Closure dateSeptember 1, 2024
StructureCars and tents
PopulationSingle adults
ModelDry, i.e. non-substance use
 District 4, Midtown Anchorage, 40th and Denali, i.e. National Archives site
Total capacity50 to 75 individuals
Start dateJune 19
Closure dateSeptember 1, 2024
StructureTents; transition to 30 Pallet Shelters ( and tiny homes
PopulationSingle adults
ModelLow barrier
 District 1, North Anchorage, Vacant Land that was formerly Viking Drive from Reeve Boulevard to Commercial Drive
Total capacity75 to 100 individuals
Start dateMay 31
Closure dateAugust 1, 2023
PopulationSingle adults
ModelLow barrier with structured supports


“I want to thank the task force members for their incredible dedication and leadership in coming up with these recommendations," said Assembly Member Felix Rivera, Chair of the Assembly's Housing and Homelessness Committee. “We've talked about this idea for decades, but this task force has demanded compassionate and community-oriented action and we are getting exactly that. I look forward to engaging with my colleagues on the Assembly in this discussion."

What oversight will be provided at the sanctioned camp sites?

Each of these campsites will have a designated operator to assist with management and ensure all minimum standards and service needs are met. In addition, Anchorage Health Department staff will be responsible for oversight of all contracted operators.

What specific supports are available to women, children, families and vulnerable individuals?

As appropriate, designated areas will be considered at each location to provide safe spaces for those who need it.

What if neighbors have a concern or question related to a sanctioned camp site, who do they contact?

The operator will be responsible for engaging with nearby community councils and securing a Good Neighbor Agreement.

There will also be a designated staff member within the Anchorage Health Department which community members can contact with concerns. Once selected, the contact information for that designated staff member will be published on the Anchorage Health Department website.

How will public safety be addressed?

The Anchorage Police Department, Mobile Intervention Team, and Mobile Crisis Team will be made aware of each sanctioned camp site and can be called upon to assist with supporting residents staying at the camp and neighbors as a whole. In addition, clinical and support services staff will regularly check-in at each sanctioned camp site.

How can I support the sanctioned camp site?

Although no formal structure for support has been developed, there will be plenty of opportunities for caring and compassionate members of the public to assist. Once a plan has been developed, it will be shared out with the community.

What about fencing?

The Sanctioned Camp Community Task Force has suggested adequate fencing at all sites to protect campers from wildlife and other dangers.


The Sanctioned Camps Task Force  is charged with evaluating and presenting recommendations to the Anchorage Assembly and Municipal Administration on the feasibility of sheltering community options including sanctioned camps, pallet shelters, modular buildings and relocatable temporary buildings. The task force will continue to work on identifying mid-to-long term recommendations before July 6, 2023. 



Felix Rivera | District 4, Midtown