Election Commission Rejected Ballots Down from 2021 Mayoral Election


​Yesterday, the Anchorage Election Commission met in the Public Session of Canvass at the MOA Election Center. Of the 73,022 ballot return packages received at the MOA Election Center in the 2024 Regular Municipal Election, the Election Commission voted to reject a total of 1,087 ballot return packages, including 602 packages whose signature discrepencies were not cured by voters and 336 packages with various issues, including voters registered outside of the Municipality and packages postmarked after Election Day, April 2. 

“Every year, we look for ways to increase voter turnout and further strengthen our commitment to making sure every valid vote counts," said William Northrop, Acting Elections Administrator. “Election officials work hard to verify ballot return packages before they are opened, and when ballot packages are preliminarily rejected, we make every effort to contact the voter to cure the issue. This year, we piloted Text2Cure, a system that empowers voters to cure their signature discrepancy using their smartphone. Every year, we get better and better at helping Anchorage vote."

“I'm proud to report that this year's rejection rates are down since the last mayoral election in 2021," said Municipal Clerk Jamie Heinz. “In the 2021 Regular Election, a total of 1,412 of 76,853 ballot packages, or 1.8%, were rejected; this year, only 1.5% of ballots were rejected. This is a positive sign that our pro-voter improvements are working to bring voters the security they deserve." 

About the Public Session of Canvass. The Public Session of Canvass is the final step in reviewing election procedures and results before the election is certified by the Anchorage Assembly. During the Public Session of Canvass, the Election Commission reviews preliminarily rejected ballots and adopts a report of the election cycle for the Assembly to consider certification. 

About the Election Commission. The Election Com mission  is a five-member commission appointed by the Mayor, approved by th e Assembly, and staffed by the Municipal Clerk. The Election Commission adjudicates ballots that have been preliminarily rejected by election officials, reviews and reports on the election results to the Assembly, provides advice on the conduct of local elections, and recommends changes to local law relating to elections.  

The Anchorage Assembly is scheduled to certify the 2024 Regular Municipal Election during the April 23 Regular Assembly Meeting.


For additional Municipal Election information, please visit muni.org/elections, call 907-243-VOTE (8683), or email elections@anchorageak.gov.





William Northrop, Acting Election Administrator                                Jamie Heinz, Municipal Clerk

Phone: 907-243-VOTE (8683)                                              

Email: elections@anchorageak.gov