Assembly to Hold Special Meetings on Response to Allegations Against Administration



The Anchorage Assembly will hold a Special Meeting with Executive Session tomorrow, Thursday, January 19, 2023 from 5-7PM at the Loussac Library, Assembly Chambers to receive legal counsel regarding the scope of legislative power to respond to the allegations detailed in a January 11 letter from Cashion Gilmore & Lindemuth, the attorneys representing former Municipal Manager Amy Demboski in her wrongful termination claim against Mayor Bronson. The Thursday Special Meeting will be followed by an additional Special Meeting with Executive Session on Friday, January 20, 2023 from 3-5PM at City Hall, Suite 155.
During Executive Session, per Anchorage Municipal Code 2.30.036, members of the public are excluded and no official action may be taken. The Assembly may discuss specific legal matters, matters which would clearly have an adverse effect upon the finances of the municipality ​and matters which are required to be confidential by law, including legal advice subject to protection by the attorney-client privilege.
“Following the briefing from counsel,” said Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance, “Assembly leadership intends to bring forward legislative and financial items for action on Friday to protect the immediate interests of the Municipality by safeguarding the finances, assets, workforce and reputation of the Municipality. I am committed to maintaining our focus on good governance and ensuring that critical municipal services continue.”


Any actions to be considered by the Assembly will be publicly introduced and posted on the Assembly website:  



Suzanne LaFrance | Assembly Chair

Christopher Constant | Assembly Vice Chair