What We Do

Similar to the U.S. Congress and the Alaska Legislature, we are the Municipality of Anchorage's legislative body. We're an eleven-member body elected by the voters of the Municipality of Anchorage, representing districts from Chugiak to Girdwood. The Assembly:

  • ​Sets municipal policy through enactment of laws (ordinances) and approval of resolutions.
  • Approves annual budgets and appropriates money. 
  • Confirms all appointments to municipal boards and commissions. 
  • Certifies municipal elections. 
  • Evaluates the overall efficiency and effectiveness of municipal operations
  • Listens to concerns and suggestions from citizens of the Municipality. Contact us

Each Assembly Member is elected by district and serves a three-year term. There are established six election districts, each of which is entitled to representation by two Assembly members, except District 1 that is represented by one Assembly Member. The geographic boundaries of the districts are described in AO 2012-108, As Amended and AO 2012-117​, the latest ordinances providing for redistricting of the Assembly election districts (AMC 2.25.010).

The Municipality of Anchorage derives its powers from its 1975 Home Rule Charter and operates under the Anchorage Municipal Code and Code of Regulations, and the Constitution of the State of Alaska and its laws. Alaska Statute Title 29 establishes the policy of maximum local self-government and as a home-rule municipality, the legislative power of the Municipality of Anchorage is vested in the Anchorage Assembly.

​The Municipality of Anchorage has a system of checks and balances that is written into its Charter. The Assembly is separate from the Mayor's administration but is an equal partner in how our Municipality is run. So, for example, while the Mayor has the option of vetoing items approved by the Assembly, the Assembly can override the Mayor's veto with a super-majority of 8 votes.


How we work

Most of our legislative work happens in committee meetings and worksessions focused on economic development, public health & safety, and government functions. These committees discuss proposed ordinances, receive updates from agency representatives, and hear feedback from community members like you. The full Assembly holds regular meetings every other Tuesday. The meetings are open to the public and members of the public can request to testify. Link to Participate page.


Where we meet

Regular Assembly meetings occur in the Assembly Chambers at Loussac Library (3600 Denali St) every other Tuesday starting at 5pm. Committee meetings and worksessions take place in the Assembly Chambers at Loussac Library, the Assembly Conference Room at City Hall (632 W. 6th Ave, Ste. 155), or online on Microsoft Teams. Check the calendar for meeting information. http://www.muni.org/Departments/Assembly/Events/Pages/default.aspx


Our history

The Municipality of Anchorage is a unified home rule municipality, established in 1975 after a majority of voters in the City of Anchorage and the Greater Anchorage Area Borough (which included Eagle River, Girdwood and Glen Alps) voted to merge. “A home rule municipality is a municipal corporation and political subdivision. It is a city or a borough that has adopted a home rule charter, or it is a unified municipality. A home rule municipality has all legislative powers not prohibited by law or charter." AS 29.04.010. Anchorage encompasses 1,961.1 square miles and contains 40% of Alaska's population. Learn more Assembly history

Past Anchorage Assembly Members