With your insight, the Assem​bly discovers ways to improve the community we all call home. If you have ideas for improvements or wish to testify on a specific issue, we want to hear from you. Here’s how:​

How to Watch Regular Assembly Meetings

Assembly meetings are streamed and televised. To find meeting agendas or streaming of regular Assembly meetings at the Chambers, please go to http://www.muni.org/watchnow. Please be advised that some items (laid on the table items or floor amendments), may not be on that evening's agenda, but will be projected on the live streaming or Channel 9 during the meetings.

Accessing and Participating in Meetings

Assembly Worksessions Page: Upcoming Worksessions, Worksession Materials, Listening to WorksessionsPlease see below for instructions on how to provide testimony and general comments by email, over the phone, or in person at the Chambers. ​

How to Provide Testimony for Regular Meetings  

The Assembly receives public comments during Audience Participation, as well as public testimony on all open public hearings items. Initial Audience Participation (Agenda Section 9) ends at 6 p.m. Final Audience Participation (Agenda Section 16) lasts, as ti​me allows, until adjournment.

Written testimonyClick here to provide written testimony
These comments will become part of the Assembly record. Note: comments submitted through emails to individual Assembly Members or to the general wwmas@anchorageak.gov​ email will are not incorporated into the Assembly record, so we encourage you to use the written testimony form to have your comments included on the public record.

Phone testimonyClick here to sign-up to testify by phone
The deadline to sign up to provide testimony over the phone during ​an Assembly meeting is 5 p.m. the day before the meeting. Please do not sign up to provide phone testimony if you plan to attend in person. If you signed up before the deadline, you are on our call list. When the Assembly reaches your agenda item, the Clerk will phone you at the number you have provided. You will have 3 minutes to provide testimony on each item you wish to speak on. These comments will become part of the meeting record. Note: In the case that a Regular Meeting carries over to multiple days, the original deadline to sign up for phone testimony stands and further submissions will not be accepted.

In-person testimony:
There is no sign-up list for in-person testimony. Arrive at the Assembly Chambers at Loussac Library (3600 Denali Street) before the item you wish to testify on is brought up. When an item for public testimony or Audience Participation is brought up on the agenda, the Chair will invite the public to speak on a first come basis.  ​

​Tips for Effective Testimony

To make your telephonic testimony more effective, please be consider the following: 

  • The Anchorage Assembly will call you between 5:00 p.m. and 12:00 midnight from the following number: (907) 343-4066.
  • Mute your television or the live stream if you are following along. If not, there is a delay and it will echo and will complicate your testimony. 
  • Do not have your phone on speaker. Speaker phones introduce a myriad of extraneous noise into your testimony.
  • Make sure there is limited ambient noise from your location and make sure you are in a location that has good cell service, if you are on a cell. 
  • If you have a headset, please use it. Headsets will give a more consistent signal and reduce room noise.

To make your written testimony more effective, please be consider the following: 

  • Write the topic of your testimony in the subject line or at the top of the testimony form and state your position on it in the first line.
  • If you are referring to a specific Assembly Resolution (AR), write the number of the resolution in the subject line or at the top of the email.
For all testimony, please consider the following:
  • Keep your testimony succinct so that Members can quickly and easily understand the information you wish to share.
  • Provide how the issue will personally impact you and/or any new points you think the Assembly have not considered yet.​


Sign up to testify by phone or in writing​Sign up to testify by phone or in writing