General Information Map

Planning Division maps

Maps provided by the Municipal Planning Division.

Park and Trail Maps

Anchorage Parks Foundation Parks Directory

Locations, features, and amenities of Anchorage area parks.


Park and Trail Maps of the Anchorage Bowl.

Eagle River

Park and Trail Maps in the Eagle River Area.

Trail Map

This service is currently down and will not be restored. Please see the Maps and Apps Gallery for currently available maps. For more information contact the GIS Department.

City Service Maps

People Mover System Maps

View bus system maps of Anchorage, Downtown Anchorage and Eagle River.

Transportation Improvement Projects

Interactive maps of Transportation Improvement Projects in the Municipality of Anchorage

More Resources

Anchorage Coastal Resource Atlas

Coastal mapping and data resources compiled in 2005 in cooperation with the State of Alaska Coastal Zone Management Program

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