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Resource Management

The Resource Management Division provides administrative and financial support to all divisions of the Maintenance and Operations Department.  Those divisions are Capital Projects Division, Facility and Fleet Maintenance, Street Maintenance, Anchorage and Eagle River Street Lighting, The Chugiak, Birchwood, Eagle River Rural Road Service Area (CBERRRSA), Girdwood Valley Service Area, Glen Alps Service Area, and eighteen Limited Road Service Areas (LRSA).

The division plans, organizes, controls and evaluates maintenance services and contracts to ensure economy in the utilization of resources. It redefines methods and improves efficiency, produces budget documents, administers contracts and department grants, authors bid specifications, monitors budgets, and administers department payroll system. The division produces Assembly documentation (resolutions, ordinances, memorandums and reports). Provides financial information, approve invoices and procurement card purchases, submits change orders, requisitions and budget transfers, and prepares grant reports and financial documentation.

The division discusses and resolves issues with vendors, board members, citizens, and Municipal personnel. We also support and respond directly and indirectly to all service area Boards of Supervisors in LRSA.

RSA and LRSA Contact Information:   (907) 343-8176

    • Resource Management
    • Superintendent: Maury Robinson
    • 3630 E Tudor Road, Anchorage, AK 99507
    • 907 343-8147