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Neighborhood Crime Watch is a Crime Prevention Program of the Anchorage Police Department.  It is one of the most effective and least costly ways of reducing and/or preventing residential property crimes.  It is a citizen involved, neighborhood, and community-based effort designed to assist citizens and the police in reducing crime and increasing an overall sense of peace, safety, and security in the neighborhood. The program’s success is hinged on improving communications between neighbors and achieving and sustaining an appropriate level of neighbor involvement to a point where the neighbors realize a reduction and/or achieves prevention of burglaries and other property crimes.

Goals of Neighborhood Crime Watch:

  • To increase awareness of the crime of burglary and other property crimes.
  • To implement various safety and residential security strategies to make homes more secure and less likely to be targeted.
  • To help neighbors recognize signs of suspicious and criminal activity and how to properly report them to police.

How to Start a Neighborhood Watch: 

  1. ​Contact your neighbors and determine the level of interest. APD Neighborhood Watch officers have brochures to help introduce and explain the program. 

  2. Decided the boundaries of the neighborhood watch. Will it be a city block, a condo association, half of a long street?​ Group size should be kept within manageable limits. All participants should be able to clearly see each other's homes. 

  3. Call APD's Neighborhood Watch office at 786-8585 and schedule an introduction presentation with our staff. During the hour-long presentation, the staff will provide your group with a crime map detailing the past years' worth of reported crime in your group's area.  

  4. Hold the presentation. Choose a meeting place that is convenient for your area. A presentation held in a participant's home usually draws the best turnout. 


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