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Adult & Children's Ski Lessons

You can register online for any of the below ski lessons here.

For more information,
contact Kincaid at 343-6397 or Russian Jack at 343-6992..

Beginning Adult Classic Ski Lessons

Beginning students learn to diagonal stride, stop, turn, use poles, climb hills, and move over varied terrain. Other topics include proper clothing, equipment, and waxing for conditions. This is taught as a four lesson series  for those who would like more practice with an instructor.

Beginning Adult Skate Ski Lessons

Beginning skate ski lessons teach you how to glide, stop, climb hills, v-skating, and diagonal skating techniques. Waxing, equipment, and appropriate clothing will also be covered.

Children's Cross Country Ski Lessons

Beginning Classical Ski

Learn to walk, glide, climb hills, turn, classic stride, and use your ski poles. Proper equipment, care, and clothing are also covered.

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