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Bear Aware? Know Before You Go! 

Anchorage is bear country. Learn to be safe outdoors. Your safety, and that of the bears and other trail users, depends on it.

Below are tips to keep you safe in bear country:

  1. Buddy up. You are safer in a group.
  2. Make Noise. This will prevent you from surprising a bear.
  3. Use your senses to stay aware. No headphones!
  4. Carry bear spray. Have it accessible and know how to use it.
  5. Don’t feed bears. Handle food, fish and attractants responsibly.
  6. Slow down. High speed equals high risk in bear habitat.
  7. Leash your pets. Off-leash pets can bring bears back to you.
  8. Never run from a bear!

For more bear safety information go to

This webpage is designed to provide information on our urban wildlife, their natural areas of habitat and to facilitate the reporting of bears within the Municipality. The Anchorage Bear Committee encourages you to use this safety information to become informed before your next outing in bear country. Should you see a bear that may pose a danger to humans, report your findings on the electronic forms provided. This information is used to inform decision-makers on bear and wildlife related issues and is not made available to the pubic for a variety of reasons. Feel free to contact Parks & Recreation with questions.

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