Emergency Operations Center


Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

About the EOC

The EOC, located at 1305 E Street in Anchorage, is the primary coordination center for emergencies and disasters that require a multi-agency response. This facility is where agencies come together to develop and maintain a common operational picture to effectively and efficiently respond to an emergency or disaster that occurs within the Municipality of Anchorage.

EOC Levels of Operations

Staffing the EOC

The EOC may be partially or fully staffed depending on the scale and response requirements of the emergency or disaster. When the EOC is activated at a Response Operations Level 1 or lower, the Office of Emergency Management staff monitors conditions and activates information sharing networks and ensures contact with related agencies. When the EOC is activated at a Response Operations Level 2 or higher, event specific municipal agencies and external emergency management partners may convene at the EOC to develop a common operational picture. At this level of response the Office of Emergency Management staff has been absorbed into the EOC. Agencies reporting to this location make up the Emergency Operations Center.