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Legal Department

Department of Law

Chief legal counsel to the MOA including the Mayor, and all executive, departments, agencies, boards and commissions. Supervise and control all civil and criminal legal services performed by the department and contract counsel for MOA.

Civil Law

Provide legal counsel, support, and advice on specific legislation, the Municipal Code, Charter, legislative procedures, the responsibilities and authority of the Municipality; represent the Municipality and its officials and employees in civil litigation.

The Civil Division also handles impounded vehicles.

Criminal Law (Prosecution)

Prosecute misdemeanor and traffic offenses under the Anchorage Municipal Code. Includes aiding police investigation, evaluating and filing charges, conducting criminal trials, enforcing conditions of probation, motions and appeals, and assisting victims.

Administrative Hearing Office (AHO)

Provide for the adjudication of certain Municipal Code violations and conduct hearings on certain appeals of administrative actions of Municipal Agencies within the scope of its jurisdiction established by the code.

Anchorage Municipal Charter, Code and Regulation

Municipality of Anchorage Law School Student Intern Program

Historical Charter Commission

select tab 1975 for Charter Commission transcript & audio

select tab 1979 for Charter Commission Review transcript & audio

Municipal Attorneys

Richard W. Garnett III          1975-1978

Theodore D. Berns               1978-1981

Jerry Wertzbaugher             1981-1987

Richard D. Kibby                  1987-1990

Richard L. McVeigh              1990-1995

Mary K. Hughes                    1995-2000

William A. Greene                 2000-2003

Frederick H. Boness             2003-2006

James N. Reeves                  2006-2009

Dennis A. Wheeler                2009-2015

William D. Falsey                  2015-

    • Legal Department
    • Municipal Attorney: William D. Falsey
    • 632 W 6th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501
    • 907 343-4545