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Municipal Clean Air Code

The Anchorage Clean Air Code (Anchorage Municipal Code Chapter 15.30) addresses air quality standards to protect public health and safety in the Municipality of Anchorage.

Ordinance amending Anchorage Municipal Code Chapter Title 15 - The Anchorage Clean Air Code

The Anchorage Assembly is scheduled to vote on proposed updates to the Clean Air Code (AO2017-161) on February 27, 2018. The code was last updated in 2011.

Summary of Proposed Updates:

  • Removes references to the Southcentral Clean Air Authority Commission (SCCAAC), which is no longer operating.
  • Revises administrative hearing and appeals procedures so that they are directed to the municipal Administrative Hearing Officer, rather than the defunct SCCAAC.
  • Removes municipal air permitting and source registration requirements that are largely duplicative with State requirements.*
  • Makes small "housekeeping" changes that remove unnecessary code provisions.
  • Adds a set 20% opacity limit for wood and coal burning stoves as well as fireplaces to aid in enforcement and help the MOA avoid possible EPA violations of the federal air quality standard for fine particulates (PM-2.5)**
  • Streamlines and simplifies the Clean Air Code by condensing two chapters into one.
  • Strengthens fire mitigation strategies by eliminating open burning for yard cleanup and disposal of household refuse. Allows AFD to issue permits for some open burn operations.

*Eliminating this requirement will mean that two facilities (Alaska Railroad and Entech Incineration) will no longer be required to obtain municipal permits for their operations.

**The current Clean Air Code already includes a 20% opacity limit for outdoor wood boilers. Fairbanks also adopted a 20% opacity limit.

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