Office of Management and Budget

The mission of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is the implementation of sound fiscal and management policies through development and administration of municipal budgets.

2018 GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation  Award
(for the seventh year)

2019 Revised Operating Budgets and 2019 Established Tax Levies

             AR2019-109 (S)

             2019 Revised Operating Budgets and 2019 Established Tax Levies

2019 Approved Operating and Capital Budgets

            2019 Approved General Government Operating Budget

            2019 Approved Capital Improvement Budget & Program

            2019 Approved Utilities/Enterprise Activities & Anchorage
            Community Development Authority Operating and Capital

2019 Approved Assembly Documents

            AO2018-085(S),General Government Operating Budget

            AO2018-086(S), as Amended, Capital Improvement  Budget 2019

            AO2018-087(S), Utilities/Enterprise Activities Budget

            AR2018-297(S), Capital Improvement Program 2019-2024            

            AR2018-298, Six Year Fiscal Program 2019-2024

            Planning & Zoning Commission Resolution 2018-28 -
            Capital Recommendation

2019 Proposed Operating and Capital Budgets

            2019 Proposed Capital Improvement Budget
            2019 - 2024 Capital Improvement Program

            2019 Proposed Municipal Utilities / Enterprise Activities
            Operating and Capital Budgets
            Anchorage Community Development Authority 

2019 Preliminary Revenue and Budget

(submitted August 31, 2018)



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