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Municipal Public Notices

Platting Board Public Hearing 

Category: Public Hearing: Boards and Commissions
Department: Economic and Community Development
Starts: 10/2/2013 6:30 PM 
Ends: 10/2/2013 11:30 PM 
Event Information:  

On  Wednesday, October 02, 2013,  the Municipality of Anchorage Platting Board will hold a Public hearing at 6:30 p.m. in the Assembly Chambers (Z.J. Loussac Library) at 3600 Denali Street, Anchorage, Alaska to consider the following:

CASE:                         S11496 - 8
PETITIONER:               Driftwood Bay LLC
REQUEST:                  2nd 18-month time extension request for
                                            a preliminary plat previously approved on

                                            February, 7, 2007
TOTAL AREA:               97.82 acre(s)
SITE ADDRESS:           N/A
LOCATION:                  North of Icefall Drive, east of Icefall Drive
                                             and Driftwood Bay Drive Intersection,
                                             south of
Driftwood Bay Drive and north
                                             of Eagle River Lane.
COMMUNITY                Eagle River
COUNCIL(S):                    Eagle River Valley
CURRENT LEGAL        Eagle Crossing Subdivision, DESCRIPTION                 F1h & F1m (Plat 2003-18), Tract F1lA
                                            (Plat  2003-
65), Tract F1F1d (Plat 2005-
                                            123), Tract F1fla3 (Plat 2006-154) and
                                             Tract F1g1 (Plat
2006-155),  located 
                                             within the SE 1/4 and NW 1/4 of Section
                                            17, all within T14N, R1W,
S.M., Alaska.

CASE:                        S11819 - 3
PETITIONER:               Richard Hamilton
REQUEST:                  2nd 18-month time extension request for
                                            a preliminary plat previously approved on

                                            August 4, 2010
TOTAL AREA:               6.1 acre(s)
SITE ADDRESS:              N/A
LOCATION:                 Lying west of Glenn Highway, south of
                                           Mills Park Circle and east of Stephan
                                           Valley Drive
COMMUNITY                Eagle River
CURRENT LEGAL        Unsubdivided Remainder of Lot DESCRIPTION:               1; located within Section 2, T14N, R2W,
                                            S.M., Alaska

CASE:                        S11910 - 2
PETITIONER:               Highland, LLC
REQUEST:                  1st 18-month time extension request for
                                             a preliminary plat previously approved
                                             on March
7, 2012. 
TOTAL AREA:               25.93 acre(s)
SITE ADDRESS:           19355 & 19360 Mount Magnificent Circle
LOCATION:                 Lying north of High Bluff Drive and
                                            northeast of the Mount Magnificent Drive 
COMMUNITY                Eagle River Valley
CURRENT LEGAL        Roseberry Ridge Estates, Addition
DESCRIPTION:                No. 1,Tract A and Tract B, (Plat No. 2005-
located within the NE 1/4, Section
                                             7, T14N, R1W, S.M., Alaska 
                                            NOT A PUBLIC HEARING*

CASE:                        S11952 - 2
PETITIONER:               Denaina Partnership
REQUEST:                  1st 18-month time extension request for 
                                             a preliminary plat previously approved
October 3, 2012.
TOTAL AREA:               34.28 acre(s)
SITE ADDRESS:              N/A
LOCATION:                  Lying north of Eagle River Loop Road
COMMUNITY                South Fork
CURRENT LEGAL        Eagle Pointe Phase 9, Tract 7G-1 DESCRIPTION:               (Plat No. 2007-2); located within the S
                                            1/2, Section 13, T14N, R2W, S.M., Alaska

                                            *THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC HEARING*

CASE:                        S12014 - 1
PETITIONER:               JL Properties, Leonard Hyde
REQUEST:                  Commercial Tract Fragment Lot Site
                                            Plan per AMC 21.15.134 and revision of
                                            plat notes
(Plat 2010-101)
TOTAL AREA:               12.05 acre(s)
SITE ADDRESS:           4951 & 5015 Business Prk Blvd & 251
                                             West International Airport Rd
LOCATION:                 Lying east of Business Park Boulevard,
                                            north of West International Airport Road 
                                            and west
of C Street
COMMUNITY                Midtown
CURRENT LEGAL        Doubletree Center Subdivision, Tract A, DESCRIPTION:               Block 1, Fragment Lots 1 through 5 (Plat
2008-112); located within the NW 1/4, 
                                           Section 31, T13N, R3W, S.M., Alaska

CASE:                        S12015 - 1
PETITIONER:               Municipality of Anchorage School District
REQUEST:                  Vacation (elimination) of
                                            telecommunication and electric, water,
                                            sewer and gas
easements located 
                                            along the east property boundary
TOTAL AREA:               28.42 acre(s)
SITE ADDRESS:           680 Hightower Road
LOCATION:                 Lying at the terminus of Hightower Road
COMMUNITY                Girdwood Board of Supervisors
CURRENT LEGAL        Girdwood Elementary School
DESCRIPTION:                Subdivision, Tract A1A (Plat No. 2006-
                                            73); located within
the SE 1/4, Section 8,
                                            T10N, R2E, S.M., Alaska

CASE:                        S12017 - 1
PETITIONER:               Huffman Shopping Center LLC
REQUEST:                  To subdivide one (1) tract of land into
                                            two (2) tracts of land with a variance from
21.80.200 (Design standards -
                                            Legal and physical access)
TOTAL AREA:               10.33 acre(s)
SITE ADDRESS:           1501 Huffman Road
LOCATION:                 Lying west of Seward Highway, north of
                                           Huffman Road and east of Huffman Park 
COMMUNITY               Old Seward-Oceanview
CURRENT LEGAL        Huffman Business Park Subdivision,
DESCRIPTION:                Tract S1, excepting therefrom that
                                            portion conveyed
to State of Alaska,
                                            Department of Transportation and Public
                                            Facilities in deed recorded
February 11,
                                            2011, at Instrument No. 2011-007374-0 
                                            (Plat No. 89-69); located within the
                                            1/4 of Section 30, T13N, R3W, S.M.,

Individuals with disabilities who need auxiliary aids, services, or special modifications to participate should contact the Department of Community Development, Planning Division by telephone at 343-7942;fax 343-7927; or e-mail to request reasonable accommodations.

The Department of Community Development, Planning Division's recommendation will be
available after 1:00 p.m. on the Friday prior to the meeting.

Noticed: 9/11/2013 12:00 AM 
Notice Ends: 10/3/2013 12:00 AM