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Municipal Public Notices

Transportation Planning: Policy Committee  

Category: Public Meeting
Department: Economic and Community Development
Starts: 4/26/2018 1:30 PM 
Ends: 4/26/2018 3:30 PM 
Event Information: Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation Solutions (AMATS) 


The Policy Committee (PC) is the primary decision-making body for AMATS. The Policy Committee: 1) provides overall direction to the Technical Advisory Committee and AMATS staff; 2) ensures adequate public involvement throughout the AMATS planning process; and 3) directs the preparation of transportation plans, programs and studies. 

The PC meets as needed and on the 4th Thursday of the month.

**The PC meets the 3rd Thursday of the month during November and December.** 

Noticed: 12/29/2017 1:00 PM 
Notice Ends: 4/26/2018 3:30 PM