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Municipal Public Notices

Platting Board Public Hearing - Notice of Preliminary Plat Applications 

Category: Public Hearing: Boards and Commissions
Department: Economic and Community Development
Starts: 8/7/2013 6:30 PM 
Ends: 8/7/2013 11:30 PM 
Event Information:  

On Wednesday, August 07, 2013, the Municipality of Anchorage Platting Board will hold a Public Hearing at 6:30 p.m. in the Assembly Chambers (Z.J. Loussac Library) at 3600 Denali Street, Anchorage, Alaska to consider the following:



CASE: S12003 - 1 **POSTPONED FROM 7/17/13**
PETITIONER: Municipality of Anchorage, Steve Schmitt
REQUEST: To subdivide two (2) tracts into one (1) tract of land with vacation of a 50-foot access easement for Tract 2A
TOTAL AREA: 6.83 acre(s)
SITE ADDRESS:  1741 W. Northern Lights Boulevard
LOCATION: Lying west of Minnesota Drive and north of West Northern Lights Boulevard


CURRENT LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Monthaven Subdivision, Tracts 1A and 2A (Plat No. 82-364); located within the SW 1/4, Section 24, T13N, R4W, S.M., Alaska
CASE:  S11168 - 5 
PETITIONER:  D. J. Burnham 
REQUEST:  3rd 2-year Time Extension request for Subdivision Agreement No. 07-001 
TOTAL AREA: 30 acre(s) 
LOCATION: North of Paine Road, east of Mt. McKinley View Drive, south of Jamie Avenue and west of Carl Street


Bear Valley
Rabbit Creek
CURRENT LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Grandeur Subdivision, Lots 1 - 5 (Plat No. 2008-084), located within the SW 1/4 of Section 1, T11N, R3W, S.M., Alaska
CASE:  S11987 - 2
PETITIONER: Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union
REQUEST: To subdivide two (2) tracts of land and one (1) parcel into two (2) different tracts of land with vacation (elimination) of a 16-foot Right-of-Way and a 16-foot Public Use Easement (Deed Book 231, Page 321) and 16-foot Public Use Easement (Book 119, Page 315)  located along the east property boundary of Tract 2A. 
TOTAL AREA: 2.02 acre(s)
SITE ADDRESS: 440 East 36th Avenue
LOCATION:  Lying south of East 36th Avenue, east of Denali Street and north of Telephone Avenue


CURRENT LEGAL DESCRIPTION: ZJ Loussac Library Subdivision, Tract 2A (Plat No. 81-334), ACS Subdivision, Tract A (Plat No. 2012-81) and that portion of the NE 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 30 commencing at the one-quarter corner common to Sections 29 and 30 conveyed by Quitclaim Deed recorded on May 22, 2013,Serial No. 2013-028518-0; located within SE 1/4 of Section 30, T13N, R3W, S.M., Alaska
CASE: S12006 - 1
PETITIONER: Jeff & Jean Poulsen
REQUEST: To subdivide two (2) lots into one (1) lot with a variance from AMC 21.80.300 D. (Design standards - Lot dimensions - lot depth to width ratio)
TOTAL AREA:  1.09 acre(s)
SITE ADDRESS:  1265 Bannister Drive
LOCATION:  Lying east of Seward Highway and north of Bannister Drive


Rogers Park
CURRENT LEGAL DESCRIPTION:  Rogers Park Subdivision, Block 2, Lots 8 and 9 (Plat No. P-464); located within the SW 1/4, Section 20, T13N, R3W, S.M., Alaska

Individuals with disabilities who need auxiliary aids, services, or special modifications to participate should contact the Department of Community Development, Planning Division by telephone at 343-7942; fax 343-7927; or e-mail to request reasonable accommodations.

The Department of Community Development, Planning Division's recommendation will be available after 1:00 p.m. on the Friday prior to the meeting.





Noticed: 7/16/2013 12:00 AM 
Notice Ends: 8/8/2013 12:00 AM