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Safety Section

Safety and Engineering

The Safety and Engineering staff play an integral role in the design and functionality of municipal streets and roadways, including such tasks as intersection improvements, sign changes and placement, development reviews, traffic impact analysis studies, and traffic calming methods. Our goal is to create safer roadways and more efficient traffic patterns. Below you will find detailed information on several different functions of the Safety and Engineering staff.

The Safety Section also produces several different helpful and informative publications for the general public, which can be viewed and downloaded here.

Minnesota Traffic

Special Activity and Right-Of-Way Permits

MarathonPre-planned activities sponsored by an individual or organization that affect city and/or state public Right-of-Way, such as an entertainment event, recreational activities, competitions, and other activities, may require a Special Activity or Right-of-Way Permit (SAP) to be obtained before the event is held.

This SAP package is routed for review to the Fire Department, the Police Department, Risk Management, Health and Human Services, Parks and Recreation, Traffic, Transit, and the State Department of Transportation. Permit applications must be submitted 30 days prior to the scheduled activity. A Certificate of Insurance and a Traffic Control Plan may be required. View and/or print our brochure for permit process, guidelines, and additional information.

If your event requires a SAP, you may view and/or download the application pages and the fee schedule.

Municipal Traffic Division Special Activity Permit Pages 

Paint & Sign Shop

Stop SignThe Paint & Sign Shop manufactures, installs, and maintains all traffic control signing for the Municipality of Anchorage. These signs also include street identification, transit stops, motorist regulation/information, and special needs identification signage. Additionally, the Paint & Sign Shop applies all traffic control pavement markings within the right-of-way as well as school and pedestrian crosswalks.

To report a missing or damaged sign during normal office hours, please contact the Traffic Department at 343-8406. During evenings, weekends and holidays, please call our after hours line at 343-4384.

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