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Traffic Calming

Traffic Calming Policy Manual

The Traffic Calming Policy Manual was prepared by the Municipal Traffic Department. This publication offers important information about the Municipal Traffic Calming program. The manual may be downloaded below in its entirety, or by individual section.

Traffic Calming Policy Manual

Policy Manual (Full Document - 6.6 MB)

Section 1: Introduction (2.5 MB)
Section 2: Temporary Speed Humps (500 KB) - NOTE: The Temporary Speed Hump Program has been suspended.
Section 3: Permanent Speed Humps (400 KB)
Section 4: Specific Area Studies (600 KB)
Section 5: Volume Control Measures (2.7 MB)
Section 6: Vertical Measures (650 KB)    
Section 7: Horizontal Measures (1.3 MB)

Anchorage Area Traffic Calming Studies

The following Traffic Calming Studies are available for viewing or download in .pdf format: