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Municipality of Anchorage Standard Specifications (M.A.S.S.)

The Draft 2015 M.A.S.S. is available for download and comment. 

Comments are due by 5:00 p.m. on January 7, 2015.  The documents provided below are the Distribution Memorandum, the Draft text, and the Draft Standard Details.  An explanation of what is included in the Draft is contained in the Distribution Memorandum.  Please send questions or comments to by the deadline.

M.A.S.S. 2009, Revision 3 is effective 4/1/2013 and is provided below.

2009, Revision 3 is the most current adopted version of M.A.S.S.  When updates are made to M.A.S.S., this website will be updated.  Each user of M.A.S.S. is responsible for verifying that they are using the most current version.

Projects submitted to Purchasing after 4/1/2013 are expected to comply with M.A.S.S. 2009, Revision 3.

Please regularly check the Project Manual link below to ensure that you have the most current version of the Special Provisions that are contained in the Project Manual.  Corrections to MASS will be made through those Special Provisions until a version update is made in 2015.

M.A.S.S. will be republished for the 2015 construction season.

Each of the documents below is formatted for double-sided printing; so there are occasional blank pages in the document.

M.A.S.S. 2009, Revision 3 - Entire Document

The Divisions are separated out below:

Standard Details:

To download zip files containing the AutoCAD version of the Standard Details, click here.

Project Manual/Special Provisions:

  For the REVISION 3 Project Manual template (dated 7/10/14), including the collection of special provisions, to be used with the M.A.S.S. 2009, Revision 3, click here.



For old projects a copy of the 2009 M.A.S.S. without Revision 1 incorporated is provided below:

    2009 M.A.S.S. - Entire Document

For projects currently under contract, a copy of the 2009 M.A.S.S., Revision 1 incorporated is provided below:

    2009 M.A.S.S. - Revision 1 - Entire Document

For projects currently under contract, a copy of the 2009 M.A.S.S., Revision 2 incorporated is provided below:

    2009 M.A.S.S. - Revision 2 - Entire Document


Send an email to if you notice any errors or omissions, or have suggestions for improvements to M.A.S.S.   The emails will be used to develop future updates to M.A.S.S.  Comments can also be sent to the mail address below:

M.A.S.S. Update, Project Management & Engineering 
Municipality of Anchorage,  PO Box 196650,
Anchorage, AK 99519-6650

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    • Deputy Director: J. Hansen
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