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Street Maintenance

Winter Maintenance  


During the winter season (October through May) Street Maintenance crews work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week providing snow plowing, snow removal, ice prevention and de-icing on Municipal maintained streets and sidewalks.  During this time, rights-of-way are reserved for snow storage. These right-of-way areas may extend seven or more feet beyond the roads edge. To learn more about rights-of-way call 343-8240, or click on the following link:   Right-of-Way

De-Icing and Anti-Icing

The Street Maintenance Division has implemented new maintenance methods for preventing ice buildup and de-icing on the city streets.  These methods are becoming more popular in both Canada and the United States.

Magnesium Chloride is used in limited quantities throughout the Municipality of Anchorage.  Magnesium chloride is less toxic to plant life surrounding roadways than other compounds.  The liquid magnesium chloride is sprayed on dry pavement prior to precipitation or wet pavement prior to freezing temperatures in the winter months to prevent snow and ice from adhering and bonding to the roadway.

Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2) may be applied to the pavement surface as anti-icing or de-icing agent. 


Photos:  De-Icer truck sweeps in the front and sprays Magnesium Chloride from the back.

The following Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) provides facts on Magnesium Chloride.  To view the MSDS Fact Sheet, click on the link below.

Magnesium Chloride MSDS Sheet 

Snow Plowing and Removal

After a snowfall, Street Maintenance crews typically have snow plowed within 72 hours. This is referred to as a “Plow-Out."  As the snow is plowed, crews begin removing and hauling the snow to designated snow storage sites.  This cycle will continue after every major snow fall.

Click on the following links to find your area on the Plow-Out Map, or to check the status of current Plow-Outs.

Snow Plow Plans

Snow Plowing Status Map (available during winter season only) 

Snow removal from driveways is the responsibility of the occupant.  Snow from driveways cannot be plowed into the street right-of-way or onto sidewalks.  This is a violation of Municipal Code Title 24.80.090 and could result in a citation.  Note: When accessing this link, browse to Title 24.80.09.

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT), maintains most major road ways within the Municipality of Anchorage. For comments or questions regarding the winter state maintained roads, please contact the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities at: 338-1466. To view a map of the State Maintained Roads, click on the following Link:  State Maintained Roads 

  If you need immediate assistance, call: 343-8277.

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