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Street Maintenance

Asphalt Repair - RAP (Recycled Asphalt Product)

Recycled Asphalt Product (RAP) is crushed “old asphalt” material that has been removed from city streets.  It is spread on the existing road surface, compacted, and then sealed with emulsified oil.  RAP provides a smooth, tight and longer lasting road surface to drive on.  This program also helps suppress dust.  Streets that have been resurfaced with RAP can be re-graded and chip sealed again, as needed.   

Above:  A grader base preparing the road for the RAP application.

Below:  A RAP project in its final stage,near completion.  

The Municipality of Anchorage, Street Maintenance Section is upgrading selected unpaved streets with RAP.  Streets selected for the RAP Program must have a good drainage system.  Preparation work for selected streets includes: ditching and back sloping, resetting, cleaning, or installing culverts, clearing snow storage areas within the Right-of-Way of trees and/or brushing, and proper alignment of ditches and streets.

RAP is not a paved, permanent road surface and will require periodic maintenance.  You can help reduce maintenance and preserve your street by not spinning your tires or braking suddenly while driving on the RAP.  This is your street and with proper care and conscientious use, it can provide you with a dust free surface for many years.

The RAP program has been active since 1995.  One hundred thirty seven road lane miles have been resurfaced since the inception of the program.

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