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Street Maintenance

Street Lights

Maintenance of street lights is divided between the Municipality of Anchorage Street Maintenance Section and three electric utility agencies:  Chugach Electric, Municipal Light & Power, and Matanuska Electric Association.

If the street lights are controlled by a meter, they are maintained by the Street Maintenance Section (approximately 8,000 lights).  If they are fed directly from a utility transformer, they are maintained by one of the three electric utility agencies listed above.  Chugach Electric has approximately 4,500, Municipal Light & Power has some 3,500, and Matanuska Electric Association has 30 light poles.

Usually, the electric utility agency responsible for maintenance can be determined by the type of pole the light is mounted on.  Metal poles are usually maintained by the Municipality of Anchorage, Street Maintenance Section.  Lights mounted on wooden poles are usually maintained by one of the three electric utility agencies mentioned above.  

Fig. 1. Metal light poles on Pine Street.

Fig. 2. A wooden light pole in Turnagain area. 

The Street Maintenance Section pays the light bill for some 16,000 street lights located throughout the Municipality, from Eklutna in the north to Girdwood in theSouth.  In addition and conjunction with street light maintenance, the Street Maintenance Section also maintains approximately 240 miles of underground cable,  16 storm drain lift stations, 158 thaw wire systems,  and about 950 load centers.


Contact:  Street Maintenance Section - Street Lights:  343-4557 or you may complete the Street Maintenance Feedback Form. (form currently unavailable)

Chugach Electric     762-7676

Municipal Light & Power      263-5483

Matanuska Electric     

*(If you don't know which utility agency is responsible, call or write the Street Maintenance Section and we will relay the repair request).

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