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Ernest Doty and David Polka completed their mural on the SE end of Bartlett High School facing the baseball and football fields in early September.  The mural is called "Metaphysical Creation Myth" and measures over 150 feet long.  The artists used the golden bear, Stellar's jay and magpie to represent elemental forces of creation.  Rather than referencing a specific narrative, they hope the viewer uses the imagery as a starting point to develop their own unique story and interpretation.

1% For Art NEWS

Conservation Projects are underway all over the Anchorage Bowl....
Bill Fitzgibbon's "Fifth Avenue Reflections" which is located on the Fifth Avenue Garage is being refurbished by Neon of Alaska.  The work is underway and about 2/3rds complete.
Maria Miller's Chilkat Robe is getting a new case made and will be moved to the second floor of Hanshew Middle School this fall.
From September 19th until September 25th conservator Tiffany Hedrick will help the 1% for Art program complete a preservation plan for the exterior sculptures in the 1% for Art collection which number around 125 installations.  Contractor Carmen Bydalek helped document the outdoor collection digitally in preparation for the review.  The plan is possible because of a grant from the National Endowment of the Humanities.

Museum Without Walls

The Municipality's public art reflects the strong natural environments and the influences and dreams of individualists living in Alaska. Please enjoy this whirlwind tour of the program and call the program office if you would like further information (907)343-6473.