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What are the responsibilities of the primary vanpool driver?

The following list of responsibilities applies to the primary driver, and/or coordinator of a vanpool group. In most cases, they are the same person, but some groups split them up, where there may be a primary driver, and another person acting as coordinator that would handle the monthly reporting, financial responsibilities, acting as a point of contact for the van, etc.:

  • maintaining accurate daily log sheets
  • refueling the vehicle
  • cleaning the interior and exterior of the vehicle
  • scheduling maintenance service on time
  • ensuring the monthly fare is paid by the 5th of the month 
  • keeping vanpool group information on up to date 

In exchange for such responsibilities, the primary driver may commute for free, is allowed up to 200 personal use miles per month, (if the monthly contracted mileage allows), and parks the van at their residence.

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