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Vanpooling TipsShare a ride photo of vanpool group boarding the van

Cover the basics. Establish pickup/drop-off locations and times.

Be punctual. Decide how long the group is expected to wait.

Communication is key. Give advance notice of vacation or personal days so everyone is aware, and back up/standby riders can be contacted to vanpool while you're gone. Be open-minded with suggestions for the continued success of the vanpool.

Drive carefully. Speeding, unsafe lane changes, and offensive driving should not be tolerated.

Have back up drivers. Have at least two other commuters in the vanpool willing to share driving duties. If the primary driver is unavailable or on vacation, the vanpool will still be able to operate.

Establish policies.  Music and volume, eating or drinking inside the van, and side trips such as a coffee stop in the morning.

Keep ridership level high. If ridership is low, ask riders to help recruit new members. Contact Share-A-Ride for signs to post around your work site and a list of possible riders from our vanpool active listing.

Get to know your fellow vanpoolers. Vanpoolers who don't know each other may feel more comfortable meeting prospective vanpool partners before they drive together. You can talk on the phone or even get together for coffee.

Click here to view a document regarding tips on gas efficiency, whether it be for your own personal vehicle, or a vanpool you're a part of.

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