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Tax Savings

Employers and employees receive tax savings because the benefits are paid with pre-tax dollars, up to $130 per month.

Sample Employee Savings Amount

Annual Transit Deduction


Federal Income Tax Saves


Employee FICA 7.65% Saved


Alaska State Income Tax


Total cost for $1500 in transit


Total Savings to Employee


Employer Savings Amount

Initial Order


Employee’s Pre-Tax Salary Deduction


Actual Cost to Employer


Employer FICA 7.65% Saved


Employer Unemployment Tax Saved


Net Savings to Employer


*Assumes employee pays 28% in federal income tax, no state income tax and 7.65% FICA and sets aside the maximum ($1,500.00 or $125/month) and assumes employer pays 7.65% FICA and 0.8% FUTA tax.