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Emergency Ride Home

For many commuters, sharing the ride in a vanpool to work means saving thousands of dollars each year. If keeping more of your hard earned money in your pocket wasn't reason enough to consider vanpooling, Share-A-Ride is pleased to offer another reason - a ride home in case of emergency.

Emergency Ride Home Program (also referred to as ERH) provides commuters who regularly vanpool, a reliable ride home when life's unexpected emergencies arise. Commuters are able to use ERH for qualified personal emergencies* up to twice a year.

Knowing there's a guaranteed ride home allows commuters to use an alternate transportation option with peace of mind and confidence.

When an emergency arises, vanpool participants will call vRide, Share-A-Ride's vanpool contractor, to receive authorization and coordinate a plan to get you home quickly. vRide’s phone number is 264-6732. **

*A qualified emergency is defined as personal illness, illness of a family member, a death in the family.

**The ERH program is available during the business hours of 6am-7pm M-F and is not available on federally recognized holidays. Some exceptions may apply, always seek authorization in advance as reimbursement is not allowed. Planned changes to work schedule, or a medical appointment would be examples of an unqualified request, and would not receive an ERH. All riders paying a monthly fare and drivers receiving a free fare are eligible for participation. vRide reserves the right to change program rules and requirements without prior notice. The ERH program is at the sole discretion of vRide.


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