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What is the 3-in-1 Vanpool Ridership Form?

The form has several uses, including registering in the Share-A-Ride program, applying to ride in a specific vanpool or giving notice to leave a vanpool. One of the three boxes should be checked, signature included and faxed to (907) 249-7329.

A commuter cannot begin riding in a van until the 3-in-1 Vanpool Ridership Form has been completed, submitted to Anchorage Share-A-Ride and been contacted with authorization.

          3-in-1 Vanpool Ridership Form

  • Registration: Check this box when you want to register in our program and be matched with other commuters.
  • Application to Ride in a Vanpool: Check this box when you have already registered in the Share-A-Ride program and you have been authorized to join a vanpool.
  • Notice to Leave Pool: Check this box if you are unable to continue riding in a vanpool. All riders must provide 30 days notice prior to the actual date they will discontinue riding in the van.