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 Share-A-Ride Program Wins Award 

 Solstice Advertising Recognized 

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People Mover
Paula Kangis, Marketing Manager I  (907) 343-8491

Solstice Advertising was recently recognized for the success of a ridership awareness campaign it executed for People Mover’s Share-A-Ride program. "Commute Wisely" won first place in the Marketing Campaign division at the 2012 Prism Awards. The American Marketing Association, Alaska Chapter announced the winners at an awards banquet on October 25, 2012.

People Mover’s Share-A-Ride program offers vanpooling and serves as a "carpool matchmaker" for people interested in connecting with other drivers who work and live in the same area. By promoting the programs, People Mover hopes to create a movement in Anchorage where people choose alternative forms of transportation or carpool, opposed to riding alone. Cutting down the number of single occupancy vehicles on Anchorage’s roadways will decrease traffic congestion and promote a healthier city.

"Commute Wisely" is designed to encourage people to change their commuting habits by spelling out the benefits. Solstice Advertising created a fun, hip campaign with eye-catching icons that carried a data-driven message.  "Commute Wisely" was rolled out in April and within a month Web traffic increased by eight percent. In August, People Mover was thrilled to see that Web traffic jumped up 23 percent from where it stood in July. The vanpooling program has also seen a boost, over the summer ridership increased by three percent. Solstice Advertising and People Mover are excited to continue working together on "Commute Wisely" as well as other projects.

This is the first year the Alaska Chapter of the American Marketing Association has given out Prism Awards.