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Google Your Next Transit Trip

People Mover worked with Google to simplify trip planning by providing transit data accessible in Google Maps. Passengers provide trip origin, destination and travel time and Google Maps does the rest.

To plan a trip, go to to access the new Trip Planner powered by Google Maps. You can also access Google Maps through your internet browser at or through the Google Maps app for iPhone and Android. To use the Trip Planner, simply enter the necessary information by either address, cross streets, business, or major landmark along with the trip date and desired arrival or departure times – for same day service or many weeks in advance. The Trip Planner will then display several options from which to choose. Each option will include directions to and from the nearest bus stop; applicable route numbers including any transfer information; and, total travel times for each trip option.

Anchorage joins hundreds of cities in the U.S. who are providing transit, bicycle and walking routes via Google Maps. People familiar with Google Maps, but not necessarily transit, will love this tool. Lance Wilber, Director of Public Transportation explains, “By incorporating our transit data into Google Maps, trip planning for our riders has never been easier.” 

Ryan Poscharsky, Strategic Partner Manager at Google states, “We are pleased to welcome Anchorage’s People Mover to Google Maps. This partnership shows People Mover’s commitment to innovating, as well as serving and attracting new riders. Together we can provide useful and accurate information to help people quickly get to where they want to go.”

Google Maps features satellite view, 3-D Earth view, and Street View of bus stops and the surrounding area for passengers that may be unfamiliar with their destination or the area. Other features include support for over 50 languages, access for visually impaired users, easy-to-read itineraries that include transfers, trip time, and distance.

People Mover provides fixed route public transportation throughout the Municipality of Anchorage. Operating a fleet of 52 modern, comfortable, fully accessible buses People Mover provides more than 13,500 trips daily.

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