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 People Mover Launches Real Time Bus Technology  

 Taking the bus has never been easier 

Public Transportation

People Mover
Paula Kangis, Marketing Manager  (907) 343-8491

People Mover has launched a new web application that provides real time bus information.

Using automated vehicle location and global positioning technology, Bus Tracker, accessible at:, allows passengers to track where their bus is along its route and obtain the estimated time the bus will arrive at specific stops.  Until now, passengers only had information on published bus schedules. Access to real-time information will increase passenger confidence, decrease wait time in inclement weather and improve customer service. The information and an interactive map are accessible from a computer. Most BlackBerry, iPhone or similar hand-held devices can view the information in text format.

“Current and prospective bus passengers have asked for this technology,” Jody Karcz, Public Transportation Director, said. “We’re very excited to offer a tool that will help make riding the bus even easier.”  Future plans call for the information to be available by phone, as well.

The application was funded with a grant from the Federal Highway Administration.