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 People Mover Introduces New Fareboxes 

 Technology to include Magnetic Swipe and Smart Cards 

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People Mover
Paula Kangis, Marketing Manager

Beginning June 11, People Mover will introduce new fareboxes on its fleet and begin using magnetic swipe and Smart Card technology.

“We are excited to roll out these new fareboxes,” said Lance Wilber, Public Transportation Director. “More flexible fares and quicker boarding times will make People Mover more efficient and attractive to our riders. It’s the culmination of efforts to automate and upgrade the various systems that keep us operational. People who have used public transportation systems across the country will find the new fareboxes familiar.”

With the replacement of People Mover’s 18 year old system, the new GFI Odyssey farebox will automatically validate and process coins, currency, magnetic farecards and Smart Cards, ensuring valid fares and payments are received.

Smart Card technology has become the standard for new automatic fare collection (AFC) systems as it meets customer requirements for a quick entry and exit, ease of use and convenience, and delivers many operational advantages. Some of those advantages include improved revenue management, ability to offer more flexible fare types and offering innovative features such as the efficient implementation of employer transit benefit programs. In addition, the GFI Odyssey farebox’s electromechanical reader and contactless Smart Card reader have no moving parts, thus reducing maintenance.

The University of Alaska Anchorage worked closely with People Mover on this project to ensure that UAA WolfCards are integrated with the new fareboxes. UAA has a contractual relationship with People Mover that allows current UAA students, staff and faculty to ride the bus. WolfCards will be swiped in the farebox card reader identifying they are valid.

In addition to new fareboxes, the department is working to streamline sales of passes and Smart Cards. A Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) located in the Downtown Transit Center, will sell passes, tickets and Smart Cards, and allow passengers to reload Smart Cards with passes or tickets.

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People Mover maintains a fleet of 52 modern, comfortable, fully accessible, ADA compliant buses that travel over two million miles a year. Friendly, courteous and professional bus operators serve the greater Anchorage and Eagle River areas with 14 regular transit routes.