What is Transit on the Move?

This plan will examine how the current transit system is operating and identify possible changes to; route alignments, schedules, service hours, and bus stops. Discussions will result in a list of future system adjustments ranked by priority. Recommendations will include suggestions for People Mover, AnchorRIDES, and RideShare. 

Transit on the Move is the short-range transit plan for the Municipality of Anchorage. Short-range means short-term. We will make recommendations looking forward over the next three to five years. This plan will help determine what's next; where should we add or modify service and how can we make the system better?

In October 2017, People Mover made changes to the bus system. Service shifted from an infrequent system that prioritized coverage over ridership to a more direct and frequent service with buses arriving every 15 minutes on some of the routes. The hours of service expanded to midnight on the weekdays, and the number of trips on the weekends doubled. These changes came about after the Anchorage Talks Transit public participation process. Community members expressed their desire for shorter wait times at bus stops and shorter travel times on routes.

Now the question is; what's next? Now that we have implemented the new system, we will examine all of the data to see what is working and what is not. We will use the date to have conversations with the community and help establish where we go from here. We want to hear from you.

  • Should we add a new route?
  • Should we change a route alignment?
  • Should we modify the start and end times for weekday and/or weekend trips?
  • Should we change a route frequency?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this plan will determine how much it would cost to make those changes.

Additional service is dependent on additional funding. The goal of this plan is to recommend a list of future system adjustments ranked by priority.

This plan will look at shared opportunities of all three services:




Fixed Route Bus Service 


 -  Paratransit Service 


 -  Vanpool 


Each service operates independently, while working together to provide valuable public transportation options within the Municipality.

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