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Transit Improvements

People Mover's Bus Stop Improvement Program is an on-going project that systematically upgrades bus stops to meet ADA standards and improve passenger safety at our bus stops.

Work consists of design and construction of transitions from sidewalk and curb/gutter systems to a passenger boarding pad. Grade adjustments and curb ramps are usually required. Amenities may be added which include the purchase and installation of passenger shelters, benches, lighting, trash receptacles, and signage and construction of bus turnouts. Bus stop improvements are prioritized based on safety issues and ridereship.

Anchorage has three typical design models for bus stop improvements: Bus Stop Boarding Pad, Bus Stop Boarding Pad with Shelter and Bus Stop Boarding Pad with Bench. Each model can easily be designed to access a current sidewalk, path or trail.

Below are links to web sites that provide additional information on some of our on-going projects.

Transit Facilities Design Guidelines (Design Criteria Manual Chapter 7 Public Transportation)

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