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Rider Tools

Schedules & Maps 
It all starts here.  Route schedules and maps are a click away.
Ride Guide A .pdf version of the  Ride Guide.    
Translated Ride Guide Translated .pdf versions of our Ride Guide, available in Hmong, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Tagalog.
Access schedule information via phone 24 hours a day.
See where your bus is along the route and obtain estimated arrival times at specific stops.
FlashAlert Receive updates in case of emergency
Find out what routes serve a specific address.
How To Ride 

Confused? Help is here. Check out our Video, How To Ride the Bus.  Ask for a free DVD with English, Spanish, Tagalog and Korean subtitles.   

A list of policies and riding guidelines to make everyone's experience pleasant.
Travel Training 
People Mover offers free one-on-one training to groups and individuals.
Know what holidays have no service or reduced service.
Service Change People Mover annually revises routes and service to serve you better.

Bike to bus is an economical and healthy way to get where you need to go
Accessible Services

Anchorage's public transportation system is fully accessible.  Learn more.
Transportation Providers List of other local transportation providers
Related Links List of helpful links

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