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‚ÄčTake Pride in Your Ride

Every day thousands of you share bus space with more than one hundred bus operators. Let's commit to treating everyone with kindness and respect. The way you ride can affect everybody. Follow the People Mover Code of Conduct to show that you ride with respect.

  • Arrive at your bus stop early.
    Arrive at your stop five minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time of the timepoint shown BEFORE your bus stop location. Remember that traffic and road conditions may affect bus arrival times.
  • Have your bus pass or fare ready and in hand before boarding.
    For quick and efficient boarding, make sure to have your pass or fare ready as the bus pulls up. Operators do not make change. Notify the bus operator if you wish to purchase a Day Pass before you deposit money into the farebox.
  • Avoid talking to the bus driver while the bus is in motion.
    If you do need to speak to the driver, do so upon boarding, once the bus has come to a complete stop, or when exiting.
  • End cell phone conversations prior to boarding.
    Speak quietly and respectfully when talking to others, or, if necessary, when using a cell phone.
  • Quickly board and take a seat.
    If no seats are available, stand behind the yellow line and use the overhead handrails. Do not take more than one seat if the bus is crowded, and be sure to vacate priority seating for those in need, or if asked to do so by the bus operator.
  • Limit traveling with packages and belongings.
    Bring only those items that can be carried onto the bus in ONE trip. Be sure all carts and folded strollers are kept out of the aisle, and all packages are stored safely.
  • Travel with your pet inside a six-sided carrier.
    All pets must be in six-sided containers, and are allowed on a space available basis. Service animals are welcome on the bus and inside transit facilities.
  • No smoking on the bus.
    Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is not permitted on People Mover buses, in bus shelters, Transit Centers or within 20 feet of public transit facilities and bus doors.
  • Keep the bus and bus stops clean.
    Use trash receptacles at Transit Centers and bus stops. Do not leave papers or trash on the bus.

People Mover is Ready to Help You

Feel free to contact us with any questions, leave comments or report safety concerns. If you are looking for bus arrival times, send your bus stop number to our Text-A-Stop service at 907.312.2060. If you're unsure of the bus stop number, text the closest address or intersection to receive the five closest bus stops within a mile.

See It. Text It. 

If you'd like to report an issue or safety concern (non-emergency) on a bus, at a bus stop or Transit Center, you can text us at 907.231.1122. If the issue IS on board the bus, include the five-digit vehicle number, location and the direction you are headed.

You can access our text feature seven days a week, while buses are running their normal schedule. The text service is free but standard messaging rates apply, as determined by your mobile plan.

If it is an emergency, please call 9-1-1. 


*People Mover welcomes all texts! Please keep them civil. Texts containing spam, obscene, profane, and/or abusive comments will not be tolerated. Repeat offenders will be blocked. Thanks in advance for taking part and abiding by these simple rules.



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